Racial Equity

Central Seattle Greenways works to make it safer and more comfortable for people to walk, roll, bike, and live in our neighborhoods. This goal can be achieved only by including the needs and experiences of people of all races and ethnicities in our work. We recognize that an individual’s intersectional identity affects their ability to feel safe on the street and in public spaces; nevertheless, we choose to specifically prioritize racial equity in our work due to the huge racial inequities in our city.

Central Seattle Greenways strives to be proactive in engaging with communities of color within our neighborhoods, eliminating barriers to involvement for people of color within our organization, and building a diverse, representative membership of our group.

We recognize the historic role of the Central Area as the heart of the Black community of Seattle, the rich history of Central Seattle as a home to a diversity of people, and the role of white supremacy, through racist legal and economic structures, in shaping the demographic, cultural and built environment of this place. We support the efforts of community-of-color-led organizations, especially those fighting gentrification and displacement, and seek to partner with them to ensure our work is consonant with their goals. Only by working against systems of oppression can we build stronger communities through safer, greener streets.

This is a living statement which we will revisit and revise as we develop and enact our racial equity action plan.

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