Your Voice, Your Choice 2020

Graphic from Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Entries are submittable by clicking on the graphic above, until March 18. Entries can now be categorized based on use and on infrastructure type.

Now’s your chance to bring your personal experiences with our streets to the official attention of the City of Seattle. To kick things off, Gordon at Seattle Neighborhood Greenways has put out a call for people to identify opportunities for pedestrian improvements at intersections, under the “Pedestrian Crossing” category.

But there is a wide variety of other avenues under which to file a concern.

Some tips: be specific and descriptive about the problem(s) you want to have solved, and be direct and explicit in describing any possible solution(s) you feel strongly about. It’s not our jobs as citizens to design the solutions, though, so you don’t need to have spent a ton of time on a vision for the end result–your real-time experiences and your ability to describe the problem are voice enough.

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