Pike/Pine Protected Bike Lanes (ongoing)


What started as a PARK(ing) Day pop-up project for us in 2018 has become one of our neighborhood groups’ well-used contributions to the Basic Bike Network! In 2018, our members attended public outreach meetings by SDOT to help provide feedback on designs, hit the pavement with some business outreach along the proposed scope of work, and in 2019 we celebrated the construction of the protected bike lanes (PBLs) between 9th Ave & Broadway.

In 2020, we continue to lend our voice as local advocates for safe and accessible greenways to the planning process of the protected bike lanes (PBLs) on Pike Street. Our next steps involve more business outreach–this time, with the stakeholders along the “missing link” of Pike Street between 7th Ave & 9th Ave (namely, the Convention Center).

Post history:

If you would like to be involved in this outreach and future planning input for the Pike PBLs, please contact David Seater (dseater@gmail.com).

Our pop-up bike lane from PARK(ing) Day 2018, which became a reality in 2019.