Last Friday’s Muffins on Melrose!

From Melrose Promenade:

“On Friday morning, we greeted morning commuters at the corner of Melrose and Denny with free muffins, coffee, and conversation at our second Muffins on Melrose event.  Thank you to the dozens of community members who stopped by our table to learn more about our vision for the Melrose Promenade, and especially for all your encouragement and helpful advice.  Thank you also to our volunteers who helped make the event a success!

Interesting fact: We counted more than 400 pedestrians and bicyclists passing through the intersection of Melrose and Denny between 8am and 9:30am.  (Our friends at SDOT, did you hear that?)  Who ever said Seattle couldn’t be a walking and biking sort of town?”

The sun was out this weekend and so were we, with muffins and coffee for those 400 people going to work. We had a couple of guests from the department of planning swing by our little booth to chat with us while on their way downtown, and a lot of support from the community about making Melrose a more accessible and enjoyable place to be. We will be back next month with more muffins on Melrose!

Read more over on the new Melrose Promenade website!

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