Next Friday: Muffins on Melrose!

It’s that time again: Muffins on Melrose is back! Next Friday, July 6th, we will be giving out free muffins, coffee, juice, and talking with people about the future of Melrose at our second Muffins on Melrose event. Muffins on Melrose is about showing a little love to the street that has been called the “front porch” of Capitol Hill. We think it could be an awesome place to be and we want to talk to you about how to transform the street into something that benefits everyone on the Hill and beyond.

Want to see what we’re doing right now? Check out these pictures from the last Melrose Clean Up on June 13th. Want to know the type of place it could become (and what we want your help creating)? Look below:

Melrose has amazing views that are hard to enjoy while standing in a lane of oncoming traffic, and while this rendering isn’t the final concept that will happen, this is the type of place that it could be: Inviting, active, and a place equally good for walking your dog or showing off the city to people visiting you. If this is the type of place you’d like to see, come down and talk with us about the Melrose Promenade project.

tl;dr – Free muffins and coffee on Friday! Get some! Like us on Facebook and join our groups: CentralSeattleGreenways! MelrosePromenade! SustainableCapitolHill!

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